Image of Silvio Santos is used in blow with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Rio says „at least“ its members earn more than R$ 4 thousand per day and the platform does not charge any fee

You’ve probably seen advertisements entitled „last investments of [famous] leave Experts Bewildered and Big Banks Scared“. This is a very common tactic to draw investors‘ attention to a scam that promises „Bitcoin enrichment“. This time the scheme is using the name of Silvio Santos to try to trick possible beginner investors.

At each new week we have a new scam with exactly the same format. Carla Perez, Tiago Leifert, Jô Soares and many other important names have already been used to try to capture the interest of the public and validate the „golden opportunity“ of becoming a millionaire. This time, Silvio Santos was the „chosen“ to be the poster boy for the clear coup.

We have already covered here in Livecoins the strange world of bizarre advertisements involving Bitcoin, however, far beyond the grace behind the crazy writing, there is the real risk that people with less knowledge will fall into the „vicar’s tale“.

Bitcoin Rio is the blow of the moment

During the article, which of course is totally false and invented, the article tells the story of how Silvio Santos gave an interview to CBN, where he would have released a „bomb“.

„What brought me success was to have jumped at new opportunities quickly – without any hesitation. And now, my number one way of making money is a new program that automatically trades cryptomites called Bitcoin Rio. It’s the best opportunity I’ve ever seen in my life that can build fortunes quickly. I hope everyone looks at it before the banks finish with it“.

But of course, this interview never happened, Silvio Santos never invested in this Bitcoin Rio and it is very likely that whoever invests will lose all his money.

The article goes on to say that he got an exclusive interview with the famous presenter and entrepreneur, but of course, the interview is also false. The idea is to create a feeling of urgency and „golden opportunity“ so that readers can run to the Bitcoin Rio page and start investing „by buying the robot that does automatic cryptomeda negotiations“.

According to the website:

„The idea behind Bitcoin Rio is very direct: To allow an ordinary person to get money in the cryptomoeda boom, which is still the most profitable investment of the 21st century, despite what most people think“.

The next sentence, however, carries a very important piece of information:

„Even if Bitcoin has fallen from its peak of R$ 75,000.00 per Bitcoin, traders are still profiting a lot“.

Here it is clear that the text is totally outdated, since Bitcoin Freedom review has already recovered from this fall a few months ago and even broke new value records throughout the end of 2020. This shows that the text has probably not even been changed since the first versions of this coup started circulating on the internet in 2018.

The scammer’s work is limited to changing the name and pictures of famous personalities they use as bait to deceive readers.

Besides using the name of these personalities, the scam also uses logos and names of news and communication vehicles (without authorization) to try to give more credibility to the false information.

Imitating the UOL banner, as well as the category links, the page clearly tries to get past what it is not.

What can happen to those who invest in Bitcoin Rio?

When entering the Bitcoin Rio website we are greeted by a very familiar screen, exactly the same as Bitcoin Revolution, Imediate Edge, Bitcoin Millionaire, Bitcoin Lifestyle and many other proven strokes. What changes is the color scheme, some logos and the company name at the top of the page.

Adding to the comment we made about the lack of updating in the text, on the Bitcoin Rio page we have several videos that were clearly recorded during the high of 2017.

Among the many promises, Bitcoin Rio says that „at least“ its members earn more than R$ 4 thousand per day and the platform does not charge any fee, no commission or anything. All you need to do is register on the site and put money in your account so that it starts to generate profits. Investors need to work only 20 minutes a day.

The truth is that these scams are much more direct than a financial pyramid. Who ends up putting money on these platforms probably has the stolen value, with no return or possibility to recover.

Although the scam is repeated, we have to report it because Bitcoin is on the rise and new users may end up falling for these scams.